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God Is A Dog

Drama / USA / 17 min.

God Is A Dog is a story about the love and connectedness between a man and a dog. This short explores the questions, 'how will you spend your last day', and 'just who is the master'?

Director: Diq Diamond
Producer: Diq Diamond, Rebecca Jennings
Writer: Diq Diamond
The Bridge

Sci-Fi / USA / 20 min.

Pono, a tenacious seven-year old boy, lives with his family in a five-story tree house, deep in the rainforest of Hawaii's Manoa Valley. Pono's father provides critical ancestral knowledge, which the young descendant later uses to resolve the conflict between religion and Hawaiian spirituality, which nearly costs his mother her life.

Director: Cindy Iodice
Producer: Connie M. Florez, Kenneth Monroe
Writer: Cindy Iodice
The Rockin' Dead: Enter Popacalypse

Animation / USA / 11 min.

The Rockin’ Dead: Enter Popacalypse is an animated, action comedy about two punk rockers and their fight against pop music zombies through the Popacalypse.

Director: James Ishizaki
Producer: James Ishizaki
Writer: James Ishizaki
The Knumbskulls: On to the Next Stage

Documentary / USA / 13 min.

Not far from the idyllic playground of Waikiki Beach, a group of wayward Honolulu youths once occupied a tract of Kapahulu Avenue most tourists never bother to explore. The Knumbskulls: On to the Next Stage follows their story from homeless street punks to notorious rock ensemble approaching 20 years.

Director: Shawn Lopes
Producer: Shawn Lopes
Writer: Shawn Lopes