FRIDAY - AUGUST 26 - 7:45 PM
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Last Writes

Drama / USA / 9 min.

A woman tired of her unsupportive family decides to find out about her banished uncle after he dies. She stumbles upon a plethora of 'love letters' written to him during World War II. She sets out to find the author of these letters who only goes by 'B.' Who she finds as her uncle's true love is quite different than she imagined; but the love she finds is the kind she could only pray for in her own life.

Director: Peewee Piemonte
Producer: Julie Michaels, Laura Anderson
Writer: Sarah Carbiener
The Mother

Drama / USA / 11 min.

When a hardened widow receives an unexpected visit, she is given the chance to shed light on her husband's death.

Director: Paolo Monico
Producer: Veronica Diaferia, Ella Nuortila
Writer: Paolo Monico

Action/Adventure / USA / 18 min.

A small town race car driver struggles with the proposition of a sponsor who takes an interest in the sport's potential for carnage.

Director: Alexander Hankoff, Alexander Maxwell
Producer: Alexander Hankoff, Alexander Maxwell
Writer: Alexander Maxwell
Under The Wave

Action/Adventure / France / 2 min.

The surfer is caught inside a barrel while surfing on a shallow reef. Pummeled beneath the power of the wave, flashing images bring the surfer back to reality and she rises to the surface.

Director: Denis Lagrange
Producer: Stephane Martin
Writer: Denis Lagrange
Coming to Terms

Drama / USA / 12 min.

Having to face the death of their father, Eddie and Sally try to do their best in understanding the concept of death. At their tender age of 8 and 10, they fully rely on their religious father’s teachings. When life in Heaven seems ideal, they make a decision that nobody could have expected.

Director: David Bertran
Producer: Yolanda Centeno, David Bertran
Writer: David Bertran
The Hole (El Hueco)

Drama / Peru / 14 min.

Robert saves enough money to buy the burial site next to the grave of the woman he loves. However, when he claims it, he finds it has been sold to another man, whose burial is the following day. Robert’s jealousy will take him to extreme situations in his attempt to be next to his Yenni until the end of time.

Director: German Tejada, Daniel Martin Rodriguez
Producer: Lorena Ugarteche
Writer: German Tejada, Daniel Martin Rodriguez
Easy Life

Drama / France / 12 min.

The story of a dad attempting to make his rebellious kid understand how easy his life is compared to some other kids in the world. To get his message across, he tells a vivid story of a little kid in Africa being turned into a child soldier....

Director: Boris Diaw
Producer: Arnaud Bettan, Perla Calvo
Writer: Boris Diaw

Drama / United Kingdom / 4 min.

A lonely Londoner fantasises about a fellow commuter on a London Underground station.

Director: Tony Burke
Producer: Tony Burke
Writer: Tony Burke