FRIDAY - AUGUST 26 - 5:30 PM
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Big Wave in the Basque Country

Action/Adventure / Spain / 29 min.

Big Wave in the Basque Country brings us to the world of big-wave surfers in the Basque Country, a small group of athletes with a desire for improvement that leads them to take on the biggest and most dangerous waves on the planet. Drawing on scenes of spectacular beauty, the documentary takes us through some of the most ideal locations on the Basque coast to practice this modality.

Director: Txus Delgado
Producer: Aritz Albaizar, Txus Delgado
Writer: Aritz Albaizar, Txus Delgado
Munich '72 and Beyond

Documentary / USA / 29 min.

A searing account of the kidnapping and murder of 11 Israeli athletes by Palestinian terrorists at the Munich Summer Olympics, Munich '72 and Beyond exposes shocking new information about the tragic events, their devastating aftermath and their continued relevance today.

Director: Stephen Crisman
Producer: David Ulich, Steven Ungerleider
Writer: Stephen Crisman

Animation / Denmark / 20 min.

Machine is the story of two people coping with tragedy and trying to reconcile their loss in a small seaside village they have just arrived at. Giant machines upturn streets, dust fills the air, billboards advertise a massive reconstruction, and the residents go about their lives. Machine is a film about change, the upheaval it brings, and the vacuum it leaves behind.

Director: Sunit Parekh
Producer: Soren Fleng, Sunit Parekh
Writer: Sunit Parekh
Al Surat Al Mustaquim

Action/Adventure / Lebanon / 15 min.

Leaving one’s land behind is a serious matter for Zacharia, who prides himself on defending his country Lebanon from extremists across the border. Yet, he has no other choice than to send his family away. It’s in the name of Islam and its blurred limits that everything collapses and changes.

Director: Ovidio El Hout, Fouad Alaywan
Producer: Fouad Alaywan
Writer: Ovidio El Hout, Nizar Ghanem