THURSDAY - JUNE 18 - 10:00 PM
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MC Scammer

Comedy / USA / 11 min.

For every dollar lost to scams, how much of the soul is lost to the scammer?

Director: Shero
Producer: Shero & Comedy Clinic
Writer: Shero & Comedy Clinic
My Life as a Sock

Drama / USA / 10 min.

A ventriloquist finds out her puppet wants to move out and get his own place. A lighthearted drama about love, life and roommates.

Director: Tony Jonick
Producer: Kacey Hart
Writer: Julie Ow
Grace Under Water

Animation / Australia / 9 min.

Lou is losing the cold war with her stubborn and enigmatic stepdaughter Grace when an unexpected challenge arises from the depths of a warm, dreamy afternoon at the local pool.

Director: Anthony Lawrence
Producer: Anthony Lawrence
Writer: Chrissie McMahon
Last Base

Drama / Norway / 15 min.

Joachim is retiring from base-jumping to become a father, but first he endevours one last adventure with his best-friend Øyvind. When a storm approaches their friendship is put to the test; Øyvind want’s to turn back, but Joachim will apparently stop at nothing to pull off his very last jump.

Director: Aslak Danbolt
Producer: Pål Nordås, Stian Thilert
Writer: Aslak Danbolt
All for Nothing

Comedy / USA / 18 min.

“All For Nothing” is a film made by incarcerated youth at Hawaii Youth Correctional Facility during a film workshop with Films By Youth Inside. The “mockumentary” is about two boys who want the same girl. They arrange a high stakes fight. Winner gets the girl, and loser leaves the island.

Director: Youth of HYCF, Alex Munoz
Producer: Erin Lau and Alex Munoz
Writer: Youth of HYCF
Attend to the Responsibility (Malama i ke Kuleana)

Commercial / USA / 1 min.

A commercial/public service announcement for The Nature Conservancy (TNC). Together with communities, we mālama i ke kuleana to restore our near shore marine resources. It's about connection to place at Kiholo Fish Pond on Hawaii Island and how TNC is working with local communities to restore abundance to Hawaii's oceans.

Director: Evelyn Wight
Producer: Bryce Groark
Writer: Evelyn Wight
Cast: Ku’ulei Keakealani

Sci-Fi / USA / 22 min.

YouTupolis is a sci-fi short about a dystopian future where people live in a city owned by YouTube. People of YouTupolis make a living by making videos and posting them online. They never leave their homes. The film is a result of a collaboration between YouTube vloggers who never met in real life and who never had to leave their homes to make this film a reality.

Director: Wojciech Lorenc, Valentina Trevino
Producer: Wojciech Lorenc, Valentina
Writer: Wojciech Lorenc