THURSDAY - JUNE 18 - 5:30 PM
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Becca and Molly

Drama / USA / 17 min.

It's Mom's birthday and these two sisters have a surprise or two for her.

Director: Fabienne Bouville
Producer: Maggie Chieffo, Kristen Hester
Writer: Nathalie Antonia, Dixie Perkinson
Cast: Beth Grant, Justin Barnes, Catherine Carlen
Edit / Undo

Comedy / Canada / 18 min.

What if you could undo mistakes in life like you can undo mistakes on a computer, simply by pushing the "UNDO" button? A random online stranger lures Bill to a dating website in an attempt to be flirtatious. However, Bill finds his girlfriend's profile on the same website. She's searching for other men behind his back. Enraged, he creates his own dating profile and wages a vengeful, internet, cold war on his relationship.

Director: Daniel Clements
Producer: Shera Everett Singh, Daniel Clements
Writer: Daniel Clements
Cast: Stephen Cullen, Julie Kilzer

Drama / USA / 14 min.

In the summer of 1963, fifteen-year-old tomboy Francesca investigates the mysterious comings and goings in the family basement, the off- limits domain of her father. In a bold move, she hides out in the basement. What she witnesses there will change her vision of the world forever.

Director: Kevin Newbury
Producer: Matthew Principe, Kevin Newbury, Donna Di Novelli
Writer: Donna Di Novelli
The Lobster Kid

Drama / Taiwan / 20 min.

A 13 years old girl Siang who works as the con artist on the street, partners with a silent Monk getting money for the train ticket to their dream place Taitung

Director: Joseph Chen-Chieh Hsu
Producer: Kung Wei Lee, Joseph Chen-Chieh Hsu
Writer: Joseph Chen-Chieh Hsu
Letter to God

Foreign / Hungary / 30 min.

Aladár lives in deep poverty with his wife and children on a farm far from the village. The driest summer of their lives endangers everything he has built for his family. Every day, he prays to God with his childlike prayers. And every day, their struggle continues. As his bitterness grows, he asks for rain like the world has never seen. Aladár gets his wish, but God works in mysterious ways...

Director: Tamas Yvan Topolanszky
Producer: Claudia Sumeghy
Writer: Tamas Yvan Topolanszky