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One Night Only

Romance / United Kingdom / 16 min.

w Set over a single night, in & around the streets of London. A first date catastrophe? or the beginning of true romance? Between Mary- Ann, an uptight 40 yr old, & Liam, a roguish 29 yr old. Yet all may not be what it seems.

Director: Che Grant
Producer: Paddy Grant, Che Grant
Writer: Che Grant, Michael Boccalini
The Trial of Barnaby Finch

Comedy / USA / 3 min.

To swat or not to swat? That is the question an errant fly poses to our hapless hero, Barnaby Finch, at the penultimate moment of his job interview.

Director: Sorrel Brae, Sam Stephens
Producer: Eric Berkowitz, Persis Koch
Writer: Sorrel Brae
The Landing

Sci-Fi / Australia / 18 min.

A man returns to the midwestern farm of his childhood on a desperate mission to unearth the horrifying truth of what landed there in the summer of 1960.

Director: Josh Tanner
Producer: Jade van der Lei
Writer: Josh Tanner, Jade van der Lei
Simpler Times

Comedy / USA / 33 min.

Harry (Jerry Stiller), a recently widowed man in his golden years, finds himself trapped in the world of modern technology when all he wants is the newspaper. "Simpler Times" also features a special guest appearance by the other half of legendary comedy duo Stiller & Meara, Anne Meara.

Director: Steve Monarque
Producer: Dawn Eaton, Suzanne Cortney
Writer: Steve Monarque, Geoffrey Gormley
The Numberlys

Animation / USA / 11 min.

Friends 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 live in a world where there is no alphabet - only numbers. One day, they decide they want something different from their orderly, black-and-white world. They set out to create each letter of the alphabet and bring color,creativity and jellybeans to their world.

Director: William Joyce, Brandon Oldenburg
Producer: Lampton Enochs, Trish Farnsworth-Smith
Writer: William Joyce

Comedy / United Kingdom / 15 min.

Christmas Eve. An enormous explosion tears through Lapland. Santa and his elf, Anthony, have crash-landed in the middle of nowhere on their busiest night.

Director: Jonathan van Tulleken
Producer: Camille Gatin, Dan McCulloch
Writer: Tim Key, Jonathan van Tulleken
Random Stop

Drama / USA / 7 min.

"Random Stop" is a first-person P.O.V. recreation of events from the life of a highway patrolman. The film is based on the true story of Sheriff's Deputy Kyle Dinkheller who - at the end of a shift - pulled over a speeding pickup truck driven by disturbed Vietnam veteran, Andrew Brannan. The results of this routine traffic stop were both tragic and deadly. "Random Stop" gives viewers unprecedented insight into the dangers that law enforcement officers face daily.

Director: Benjamin Arfamann
Producer: JP Castel
Writer: Benjamin Arfmann