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To Pimp a Butterfly 

Drama / USA / 30 min. 

13-year-old American-born Chinese boy named Andy Liu, who grew up in Chinatown, Los Angeles, found his mother Lam (Butterfly) trying to save the family's livelihood by selling her body. He decides to save his mother and fix their broken relationship. 

Director: Rui Cui 
Producer: Rui Cui, Gracy Wang 
Writer: Xavier Burgin, Rui Cui 
Cast: Bai Ling, George Liu, Eric, Andrew

Comedy / USA / 11 min. 

A kind of young, sort of ethnic, LA actress takes us through her daily struggle to make it in show-biz without knowing someone, having a famous last name, or sleeping her way to the top. (One of these is false.) 

Director: John Stamos 
Producer: Pat Kudej, Eric Von Doymi 
Writer: John Stamos, Caitlin McHugh 
Cast: Caitlin McHugh, Josh Peck, Brittany
State Of Ward 

Drama / USA / 15 min. 

A reckless cop finds himself in the middle of a hostage situation and learns the value of being a "good soul". 

Director: Ron Raphael 
Producer: Ron Raphael 
Writer: David Wohl , Ron Raphael 
Cast: Dean Cain, Russell Andrews, Leif Gantvoort
Super Sex 

Comedy / USA / 8 min. 

Super Sex tells the story of a pair of siblings (Kevin Nealon and Elizabeth Perkins) trying to figure out what to get their father (Ed Asner) for his 86th birthday. After going through a list of options, the pair opt for a gift their father will never forget... Super Sex! The brother and sister awkwardly negotiate with a street prostitute (Ruby Modine) who agrees to give their 86-year-old father a night he'll never forget. 

Director: Matthew Modine 
Producer: Joe Toronto, Adam Rackoff 
Writer: Matthew Modine 
Cast: Kevin Nealon, Elizabeth Perkins, Edward Asner
A Little Bit Of Tear 

Drama / United Kingdom / 12 min. 

A homeless clown entertains on the streets but his drunken talent falls on deaf ears. Smitten by a beautiful girl, he follows her into a theatre and sees the show of a lifetime that changes his world, and fortune. 

Director: Michael Flatley 
Producer: Michael Flatley 
Writer: Michael Flatley 
Cast: Michael Flatley, Erin-Kate Mcilravey
The Dark of Night 

Suspense/Thriller / USA / 10 min. 

The night turns deadly when a woman seeking refuge from a storm takes matters into her own hands when she encounters a drifter and a waitress at an isolated diner where everyone has a secret and nothing is what it seems. 

Director: Robin Wright 
Producer: Nini Le Huynh, Sharif Salama 
Writer: Denise Meyers 
Cast: Leslie Bibb, Sam Rockwell, Callie Thorne

Q & A with special guests: John Stamos, Caitlin McHugh, Bai Ling, Dean Cain, Matthew Modine, Michael Flatley and Robin Wright. 
Ticket includes after party 
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